Episode 3

Embracing Discomfort With Farrah Storr

Editor in Chief of Elle magazine Farrah Storr talks career pathways, new challenges, tough decisions and inhabiting your discomfort zone in pursuit of a ‘dream job’.

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“Positive thoughts, positive people and a positive mindset is what makes life, worth living”

Farrah Storr is the award-winning Editor-in-Chief of ELLE UK. Her road to success wasn’t an easy one.  Growing up in Manchester under the strict expectations of a very driven father, Farrah harboured dreams of going to Oxford University. She discusses how those dreams failed to materialise and the journey she took to working her way up in the notoriously competitive magazine industry.

With a wealth of experience and accolades including being a best-selling author and founding editor of the UK’s biggest women’s magazine launch of the past decade (Women’s Health UK), Farrah shares her unique vantage point and talks career pathways, new challenges, tough decisions and inhabiting your discomfort zone in pursuit of a dream job.

Farrah explores the merits of really pushing yourself as a form of self-care and not to always move away from things that make you feel anxious.  Instead, Farrah discusses the value of embracing a challenge. Farrah advocates doing things that scare you in small steps by truly looking at what frightens you the most and breaking it down.

Highlights include:

1:37 – Has Farrah found her dream job?

3:38 – How Farrah got into the magazine industry and what attracted her to it.

8:36 –  How Farrah handled an inadvertent and unusual situation at her job.

10:42 – One of Farrah’s support systems at her job and the importance of positive people.

14:05 – The way self-care can be related to pushing yourself, even harder.

15:16 – The excitement and energy you can gain by going the extra mile.

17:55 – The value of new challenges

22:15 – Methods to keep yourself motivated, every single day!

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