Episode 2

Starting From Scratch With Jason Fox

Former SAS soldier and TV star Jason Fox talks terrible grades, adjusting to life after the army, some unexpected transferable skills and the power of nature to help live in the moment.

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“A tinge of discipline can do wonders in life”

Former SAS soldier Jason Fox is known for being an all-round action man.  In this podcast, he shares the struggles and vulnerabilities he faced when he was forced to leave behind the life and career he loved and build a new future for himself.

In 2012, Jason was diagnosed with PTSD and was discharged from the armed forces.  He retells his story on how he lost all sense of belonging and identity as he journeyed to find a new path. His struggle included having to apply for jobs without knowing how to write a CV and trying to live up to the expectations of employers with a lack of civilian work experience. Not knowing what his transferable skills were, he felt constantly knocked back and subsequently grappled with his mental health.

His new career in TV has allowed him to transfer the hard skills acquired in the military into soft skills which have opened exciting new doors for him, allowing him to flourish and gain his confidence back.

Highlights include:

1:07 – Jason’s inspiration to join the military.

3:55 – How the military turned a naive 16-year-old into a solider.

5:50 – Jason’s advice on why teamwork triumphs solitude.

8:00 – Jason’s life in the military and how it shaped him into a man.

11:30 – The importance of taking a leap of faith.

13:40 – Jason’s new life in the field of mass media.

15:06 – How Jason got into his post-military job.

17:40 – How some good shows can inspire the minds of the youth.

19:00 – His advice to the people who want to face the adverse moments of life, head-on.

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